Shallow Water Aluminium Jet Boat

What started out as a bizarre experiment turned into the most impressive Shallow water jet boat we ever put in the water.

A Little History

The original design of this incredible boat came about in 1998. This unique tunnel hull jet boat with an inboard revolutionized the industry.

The Tunnel Hull

Check it out!  The new SJX "Moose sniper platform kit."  This kits stows in the boat and takes up very little space.

Moose Sniper Platform

When we originally came up with the concept of a high performance, durable yet light and nimble tunnel-hull inboard jet boat back in 1998, the idea seemed a bit radical.

In September of 1998, we custom ordered a prototype 21′ tunnel-hull with a Mercury V6 Sportjet package.

The results were incredible.

Over the past ten years, the unique tunnel-hull inboard design we developed has been the best selling tunnel-hull jet boat in the country because of it’s superior power-to-weight, miserly fuel economy, unmatched shallow water ability, brutal acceleration, tremendous payload and unmatched handling. The list goes on.
The unique design of this jet boat changed all the rules and reigned supreme in the jet boat market.

until now…

We’re raising the bar – again – only this time, the gap gets much wider.

introducing the SJX Jet Boat

With over 45 improvements and dozens of new standard features, the SJX Jet Boat will be the most sought after jet boat in (or out of) the water.